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Chiyomusubi SORAH Junmai Ginjo Sparkling

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Osaka, Japan
1 x 720ml
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Chiyomusubi SORAH Junmai Ginjo Sparkling


SORAH has the meaning of “beautiful aurora” and “stars in the sunrise”  among Native Americans, and JAPAN’S PREMIUM SPARKLING SAKE “Chiyomusubi SORAH” is made in the hopes to reflect that beautifully clean dream-like atmosphere.


Chiyomusubi SORAH is made with the technique of “secondary fermentation” within the bottle, meaning the bubbles are natural. Most Sparkling Sake made with secondary fermentation will contain lees that makes it cloudy, but Chiyomusubi SORAH goes through an extra special process that makes it clean and transparent.


With its refreshing sourness, gentle sweetness of the rice, and clean finish, Chiyomusubi SORAH can be considered as “Japanese Champagne” with its delicate yet lively bubbles.

An amazing reflection of elegant rice aroma with complex layered flavors. Aroma of acacia flower and white peach on the palate, followed by green apples. Small and fine bubble melt on the palate evidencing the quality of true sparkles.

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