Two Moons Signature Dry Gin Tasting Set

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Two Moons Signature Dry Gin Tasting Set


Incorporating 12 botanicals – 6 of which are of Asian origins, ranging from Chinese tangerine peels to Madagascan vanilla pods, experience a light, delicate balance of crisp citruses with floral berries, sweet nuts and mellow roots in this London Dry Gin (fun fact: London Dry Gin does not have to be made in London!), perfectly fused to create a mesmerizing adventure on your palate.

As a London Dry Gin, our product does not contain any sugars or sweeteners of any kind. All botanicals are of agricultural, plant-based origins and no artificial additives or flavor extracts are added to our gin throughout the entire process

Fragrant with citrus aromatics on the nose. Sipped – crisp notes of lemons and tangerines first glide through the mouth and develop into a soft floral kick of pink berries. The sweet nuttiness of vanilla and tonka beans then linger in the palate before leading to a finishing flavor of mellow spices and roots.

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